Solutions with e-li

Straight handrail

Thanks to the e-li supports, the handrail is attached conveniently, easily, and quickly from inside the lift cabin. One-man installation is possible even in the tightest of spaces. The integrated bore offset compensation directly compensates for an offset of ± 5 mm, regardless of the direction. Each handrail is manufactured according to your requirements. Please enquire without any obligations.


Wall-to-wall handrail

Especially in front of mirrors, handrail installation is often a challenge. Not with e-li. Thanks to the e-li worm drive, wall-to-wall mounting is easy, convenient, and stable. Contact us - we will be happy to provide you with a non-binding offer.

Continuous handrail

Round handrails are particularly in demand for barrier-free lifts. The use of e-li with length compensation up to ± 5 mm combined with the click-in tube connector enables simple and quick installation of round handrails. The mounting bracket sinks into the tube so that a suitable installation can be made. Contact us for more information.

Curved handrail acc. to DIN EN 81-70

The attachment of curved handrails according to DIN EN 81-70 is quick, easy, and precise thanks to the e-li angle drive and of course this is also done from inside the cabin. The handrail is mounted flush to the cabin wall with the integrated offset compensation. This is how you will meet the requirements for barrier-free lift cabins. Send us your enquiry.

Reinforcement of the cabin wall

A missing or insufficient back lining of the cabin wall prevents a stable handrail installation. With the "strong spine" in C- or S-shape, an e-li handrail is nevertheless mounted easily, quickly, and stably from inside the cabin. The patented system is a sophisticated solution for modernisations or for retrofitting handrail installations in lifts.

Special solutions with e-li handrails

Whether stainless steel or wood, whether black or white, whether flat or round, whether handrail or railing: e-li adapts to your desired design and offers a wide range of applications. Special solutions are also part of our routine range of products. Please enquire without any obligations.